To Flash or Not to Flash?

A professional, attractive website is arguably one of the best things you can do to enhance your business's presence online. In the quest to make your website the biggest and best, a lot of people naturally ask themselves, should I consider using a Flash page? While Flash-based pages are definitely exciting and snappy, they have a lot of drawbacks that may not be the best for business. Consider these things carefully before opting for a Flash site.

Flash Problem #1: Google Doesn't Like Flash

Google doesn't technically have the ability to like or dislike, but its computer “brain” is at a loss when it comes to knowing what to do with a Flash page. All search engines, Google included, have trouble successfully indexing Flash pages, and this can hurt you in the SEO department. If you must go with a Flash page, make sure that you have an HTML version to go with it to make Google happy.

Flash Problem #2: Mobile Devices

You have probably at one time or another tried to view a website on your phone or tablet, only to be told that Flash is not supported by your device. This is an increasing problem, because so many potential clients use their mobile devices to view websites. If your site is all Flash, you ignore the needs of mobile customers, eliminating a lot of potential traffic.

Flash Problem #3: Plugin Required

Even if you are lucky enough to have your ideal viewer using an ideal device, a plugin is still required to view any Flash-based page. Sometimes your potential customer will take the time to download a Flash viewer, but a lot of the time they will not and choose to look elsewhere instead. The plugin requirement can be a big turnoff to a lot of users and a negative for your website.

While Flash is pretty, exciting, and fun, it may not be the best solution for your new website, especially if you are seeking to garner a lot of traffic from internet search engines. If Flash is a must, make sure that your site has backup HTML and mobile compatible pages as well in order to attract and keep customers using a multitude of devices.