How to increase online sales for your e-commerce website

Anyone can sell their products online, but not everyone knows how to market them online. There are thousands of ways to approach gaining traction in search engines. Below are five ways to get your products found online.

1. Content and SEO
There is a fine line between quality content and keyword stuffing for search engine optimization purposes. Make sure the product you are selling is titled with the key phrase someone might use to search for the product online. In the description of your products, put the quality content that will attract the viewer to purchase. The product should have a photo; make sure to add alt-tags to gain traction in image searches. Make sure to enter the keyword tags to increase your chances of being found online as well.

2. Blogging
Google loves new, fresh content. Blogging is a way to get fresh content on your site regularly. Blogging also shows your industry knowledge and expertise. Your blog will fuel your social media efforts.

3. Social Media
Social media is a key aspect to getting the word out about your products. The first step is to make a sound strategy to promote your business online. You will find that Facebook might not be the best place to promote your business.

4. Discounts/Contests
Creating contests and discounts is an easy way to market your business. If you promote the discount or contest properly your campaign stands a chance to “go viral”.

5. Web Design
Without a good design you can have millions coming to your site but they might not be converting into sales. In other words, make sure you have a call-to-action displayed on every page on your site clearly. Start with the basics; find out what is most important about your brand and customers. Quality design is will help to convert your leads; some visitors will make judgments in three seconds on whether to stay or leave your site.